UTProgrammingWWE Considering More Violent Programming for Third Hour of RAW
UTProgrammingWWE Considering More Violent Programming for Third Hour of RAW

WWE Considering More Violent Programming for Third Hour of RAW

WWE and UFC are set to merge into one new publicly traded company under the stock name TKO. That could come with a lot of corporate changes, but a lot of fans also wonder if it could usher in an end to the PG Era of WWE as well.

We previously reported that it was Endeavor’s request that Vince McMahon stay with WWE through the UFC merger. It was also made very clear that WWE hopes to remain with NBCU and FOX as their media partners through ongoing television rights talks.

WWE is also open for business. Nick Khan made it clear that the company is interested in selling off every ring asset possible for long-term sponsorship deals. They are also interested in the idea of ​​a pay-per-view format again.

While speaking to Lightshed Partners, AEW CEO Nick Khan was asked if WWE might allow more blood on their programming. He was asked specifically about the Hell in a Cell at WrestleMania where Finn Balor was busted open by Edge, and they halted the match.

Look, when we’re specifically talking about the 10 to 11 hour on RAW, we’re specifically talking to NBCU and ourselves about what we do, what that moves forward. We ask, what do we do if we tweak this, that 10 to 11 hours, it’s basic cable, it’s not broadcast, as you know. We think that NBCU would be supportive, but we’re not on a final conclusion on that.

It’s definitely a conversation point. By the way, Finn Balor, who took the ladder to the head. At that moment, I was very close to ringside and to see him take staples in the middle of the action and to jump up and take up the cage like that, it’s such a performance.

They went on to give big props to Finn Balor for his WrestleMania performance. They didn’t even bring up the fact that Balor was nursing a torn calf muscle for weeks leading up to the big Hell in a Cell match.

Only time will tell what WWE programming looks like in a year from now. UFC certainly allows a lot more blood than WWE, so it only makes sense that the tides could change to crimson eventually.

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