WhatsApp adds a chat lock feature to safeguard private conversations

Meta has added a new feature to WhatsApp that allows users to lock specific chats using a password or biometric authentication. Additionally, these conversations will be stored in a separate folder and it also hides the name and the actual message in the notification, which can only be accessed by post authentication.

While there has been an option to lock the entire WhatsApp using biometrics or a PIN code on both Android and iOS devices, this new feature allows users to further protect specific private messages. Hence, even if someone gets access to your phone, the chat-locked messages will remain confidential.

WhatsApp already has several security and privacy-centric features, such as end-to-end encryption, encrypted chat backup, disappearing messages, blocking screenshots, and the ability to control who can access the last seen status, among others. With the latest update, Meta is further strengthening WhatsApp’s privacy and security features.

How to enable chat lock on WhatsApp:

Download or update WhatsApp to the latest version on both Android and iOS devices

  • Go to the specific chat that you would like to lock
  • Click on the profile picture
  • You will see a new option called “chat lock” right below the disappearing message menu
  • Enable chat lock and authenticate using your phone password or biometrics

How to access locked chats on WhatsApp:

  • Swipe down on the WhatsApp home page to access all the locked chats

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