TechnologyNetworkTwo Group Brawl One Injured One Another Dead
TechnologyNetworkTwo Group Brawl One Injured One Another Dead

Two Group Brawl One Injured One Another Dead

Bekasi Regency, – The fighting action of the two groups claimed another victim, one victim had to receive intensive care at the hospital, the other victim died because he was seriously injured as a result of the stab he had suffered.

The deadly incident that claimed the life of Dwi Andrian (18) who is a resident of Kampung utan Rt. 002/025 Wanasari Village, Cibitung District, Bekasi Regency, it occurred early Sunday, January 21 2023, when one of the victim’s friends named Alfin Adi Saputra
who received a WA message containing a fuss/brawl by another youth group.

The Alpin Group and several of their friends, including the victim who died, responded to the invitation to fight and planned a brawl in the Pasir Pool next to the Tambun wuling car dealer.

By using a motorbike, the Alpin Cs group first gathered at a house in Darusalam near the Cibitung underpass, then went straight to the Pasir Pool next to the Tambun wuling car dealer

Arriving at the location that had been agreed upon, it turned out that the opponent had not yet come, then the group waited because the conditions at the place were busy, the group shifted towards Cibitung Market and hung out at a workshop on Jl Raya Teuku Umar near Cibitung Market.

Not long after, at around 02.00 WIB, approximately 30 men on motorbikes immediately attacked because they were outnumbered by the group, the Alpin group tried to escape into an alley and were chased by the perpetrators, causing Dwi Andrian and one of his friends, Jojo to fall asleep. a sickle slash from the group that attacked him.

Seeing that there were two injured victims, those who carried out the attack immediately made themselves available, while the two victims who were injured by their friends were rushed to the Cibitung Medika Hospital, unlucky for the victim Dwi Andrian due to the many stab wounds the victim’s life was not saved and died shortly after arriving at the Central Hospital medical.

Meanwhile, one other victim, Jojo, who also suffered a stab wound, is currently still in intensive care at the Centra Medika Cibitung Hospital.

Meanwhile, the case where a young man died as a result of being attacked by a group of other youths who invited a brawl is still being handled by the West Cikarang Police, Bekasi district.

When confirmed by Media Regarding news of brawls that have risen in online media via WhatsApp messages, West Cikarang Police Chief Kompol Sutrisno on Sunday (01/22/2022) said
“We, from the West Cikarang Police, of course invite all related parties and elements of society, including parents to monitor their children’s activities, especially at 02.00 WIB in the morning outside school hours and at night.

With the number of personnel in the Polsek and also the Bekasi Metro Police Precision Patrol Team, of course we will carry out patrols to prevent brawls and other disruptions to the Kamtibmas”.(Sri haryati)

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