UTSoftwareThis Woman Resigned from Software Engineer, Now Cuan Gede from Soft Lens
UTSoftwareThis Woman Resigned from Software Engineer, Now Cuan Gede from Soft Lens

This Woman Resigned from Software Engineer, Now Cuan Gede from Soft Lens


Contact lenses or soft lens become goods needed by many people in Indonesia. This is what made Dirda Muthi Kemala Latjuba swerve from a Software Engineer into a business soft lens.

He founded this business in 2018, he did various experiments and looked for the right factory for his products. Until finally he got the appropriate factory connection in South Korea. Dirda founded this business because as a member of society, he needs quality goods that don’t cost too much.

The initial capital disbursed to start this business was around IDR 200 million. Now the income generated per month is approximately IDR 1.5 billion.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, he worked as a software engineer. When he became an office worker, he started selling contact lenses online dropshipping in 2014.

“So in the morning I deliver orders to the expedition, then go to the office coding, at night packing. At that time, the e-commerce system was simplified, so I didn’t need an admin. But for the smooth running of these two jobs, I started hiring 1 admin, so that my main job is not neglected,” he told detikcomWednesday (18/1/2023).

Until 2017, he decided to leave his job as software engineer and focus on growing the business. This was done because he was overwhelmed with time management when running two jobs at once.

Dirda revealed that there was a difference that was felt the most when he became the boss at Pink Rabbit. According to him, if you become an office worker, you will get a fixed salary every month, have plenty of time, if you don’t disturb your leave and don’t bother with employee problems. But the salary is limited there.

Then when he became Pink Rabbit’s boss, Dirda’s time seemed limited. He must always learn to build a team if he wants to move forward. Then dare to bear the risk of loss, if the business does not go as you wish.

“I was only able to enjoy the results after two years of Pink Rabbit being established, because at the beginning it needed large capital for branding, marketing and stock of goods,” he said.

As the team was formed, he began to feel that he had a lot of free time. Even so, he also continues to innovate so that the business continues to progress and can continue to guide the team to achieve company goals. Currently production per month reaches 30,000-50,000 pcs at a price of IDR 122,000-142,000.

Dirda said for young people who want to start a business, they must have the courage to try, not be afraid of failure, must be open-minded and consistent. “The most important thing is in creating a business, make sure the business will be a solution to customer problems,” he said.

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