UTGadgetsThese are Nevi Zuairina’s tips for controlling gadgets in children
UTGadgetsThese are Nevi Zuairina’s tips for controlling gadgets in children

These are Nevi Zuairina’s tips for controlling gadgets in children

PASAMAN (8/1/2023) – Member of the Republic of Indonesia DPR from West Sumatra, Hj Nevi Zuairina shared tricks on using gadgets that have been used by children. He said, it cannot be denied, that the lives of today’s children are so familiar with digital technology.

“Gadgets, especially smart phones and tablets, are no longer foreign goods, including for children. The presence of gadgets can make human life easier, from helping work, study, shopping, or just looking for entertainment. However, there are also negative impacts that can be caused if used unwisely,” said Nevi at a parenting seminar in Pasaman, yesterday.

The legislator from the PKS faction explained that the rapid progress of information and communication technology has finally contributed to forcing parents to change their way of educating their children.

He warned, if the use of gadgets is carried out freely and uncontrollably, the presence of this digital era will have a negative impact on children’s development.

“I highlight, there are at least two perspectives of the negative impact of the dangers of this gadget on the development of children. The first is in terms of physical and mental health and the second is in terms of moral health,” explained Nevi.

This politician from the Electoral District of West Sumatra II added, health factors that need to be watched out for from excess use of this gadget include lack of sleep, eye disorders, obesity and mental problems.

Meanwhile, the impact on morals, he explained, comes from access to internet content that is so broad from smartphones.

The current development of the world of technology allows our children to access all information and all the values ​​and norms that exist in this world, both positive and negative, without a filter.

“The most dominant filter must be presented in accompanying parents to children in using gadgets.”

“Parents, it is hoped that they can play a role in educating and nurturing our children so that they have a safe future in this world and the hereafter by fortifying them with good morals,” said Nevi.

Nevi emphasized that each house in the family needs to create a clear family vision. Husband and wife must have the same perspective in building a family, namely a Rabbani family where all activities are based on religious values.

This vision will guide the direction of the journey of family life so as not to deviate from Islamic teachings. So, with this unified vision, it will certainly have an impact on the pattern of education that will be given to offspring so that they can maintain the enthusiasm to realize this vision.

“That’s what I can say, hopefully it’s useful and we can practice it in our daily lives in accompanying our children.”

“Hopefully we are all able to create a family that is sakinah, mawaddah and rahmah and give birth to the best generations of hope for the nation, state and religion in the future,” concluded Nevi Zuairina. (vri)

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