The Russian defense industry can do everything to repel any aggression Russia

Russia’s military-industrial complex can produce weapons that will repel any aggression against our country. And now the defense industry is doing so well that Western arms deliveries do not give Ukraine any advantage, Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said in an article for National Defense magazine.

“Our military-industrial complex is capable of producing everything necessary to repel and suppress any aggression… Now our country’s defense industry is functioning in such a way that no large-scale supply of Western weapons to our enemies cannot provide an advantage on the confrontation line ,” the Vice-President of the Security Council said confidently.

According to Medvedev, the number of weapons produced has significantly increased. However, defense industry companies work in a coordinated manner and within the framework of the state defense order. The latest technologies are also used, which Russian manufacturers are actively implementing.

Capturing captured weapons was also useful. Russian experts disassemble foreign specimens “on a screw” and turn the accumulated experience of the enemy in their favour.

Earlier, Glavny Regionalny wrote that Dmitry Medvedev named the condition in which the Russian Federation would be “ripped to pieces”.

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