The Inspector Gadget Prop That Tested Matthew Broderick’s Patience

After the 1999 “Inspector Gadget” adaptation failed to take the film world by storm, Disney made the unexpected choice to give the character another try. The direct-to-video sequel — aptly titled “Inspector Gadget 2” — arrived in 2003 with French Stewart taking over for Matthew Broderick as the titular cyborg. After that came and went, the “Inspector Gadget” franchise quietly disappeared from the cinematic spotlight. Although, if all goes according to plan, Disney will make sure it returns in short order.

Word of an “Inspector Gadget” reboot dates back to 2015, though after news of the project spread, fans were met with radio silence. Thankfully, publications such as The Hollywood Reporter pulled through in October 2019, reminding the world that Disney was still hard at work on a live-action “Inspector Gadget” reboot. Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell were then hired to pen the script, with Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich taking on producing duties. Sadly, since this announcement, fans have yet to receive any further updates on the project.

Time will tell if we’ll actually see Inspector Gadget return to the silver screen in live-action, but if he doesn’t, at least fans can check out Disney’s two previous attempts — if for no other reason than to ensure Matthew Broderick’s prop struggles weren’t for nothing.

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