UTGadgetsTatara Muramasa adjustable razor has 5 levels of adjustment
UTGadgetsTatara Muramasa adjustable razor has 5 levels of adjustment

Tatara Muramasa adjustable razor has 5 levels of adjustment

Enhance your shave with the Tatara Muramasa. Its adjustable dial lets you customize your experience quickly and easily. Read all about it in the blog!

Get a close, irritation-free shave with the Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Razor. Featuring an innovative adjustable mechanism, it lets you change your preferred setting by simply turning the razor dial. It’s great for both wet-shaving beginners and experts.

Tired of disposable razors that leave you with a bumpy rash? Maybe your current razor doesn’t cut close enough. Luckily, you don’t have to put up with subpar razors. with its adjustable razor settings, the Muramasa Adjustable Razor gives you the shave you desire.

It actually adapts to your skin and hair, and it’s even great for a quick shave when you put it in a more forgiving setting. Let’s take a closer look at it!

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Adjusts to every skin & hair type

Not everyone has the same skin or hair type. And you might not want to shave in the same style every day. For those reasons, an adjustable razor makes sense. Luckily, the Muramasa Adjustable Razor has a setting for every skin and hair type.

For example, level 1 is the ideal setting for sensitive skin or shorter facial hair. It’s also a good way to transition if you’re switching from cartridge razors or if you like milder shaves.

If you’re an experienced shaver or have thicker, curlier hair, level 5 has a wider gap and higher blade exposure, resulting in a close shave.

Meanwhile, the in-between levels let you fine tune your shaving experience, helping you find your ideal shave for your daily hygiene routine.

Tatara Razors Muramasa Patented Adjustable Razor
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Has an adjustable sliding base-plate system

So how does the Tatara Muramasa work? It has an adjustable sliding base-plate system that supports the blade and allows for quick adjustment of the blade exposure and blade gap.

When you rotate the dial, you move the base plates closer or farther apart from the razor’s head. This changes the contact point between the blade and your skin.

What’s more, turning the dial is quick and easy—there’s nothing to disassemble and reassemble. Then, a numbered window shows your setting as you turn the dial.

Tatara Razors Muramasa Patented Adjustable Razor
Tatara Muramasa close up

Uses high-quality stainless steel

Even cartridge razors have plastic components that break off easily, requiring you to buy a replacement every time you drop them. So why not treat yourself to a better-quality razor?

This adjustable razor’s pieces are made from solid material and are CNC machined in high-quality AISI 316L marine-grade stainless steel. It’s just the hygiene accessory you want in your bathroom.

What’s more, the company has expertise with CNC machines, which allows it to achieve surprising levels of precision. This ensures minimal friction to the parts and makes them durable.

Tatara Razors Muramasa Patented Adjustable Razor
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Boasts a sleek & slim razor head

Bulky razor heads make shaving the areas around the nose and mouth tricky. However, thanks to the Tatara Muramasa’s patent-pending mechanism, the company was able to keep the head to a minimum size.

This lets it easily shave small areas without a fuss. And, to improve safety, the company covered the blade tabs to reduce cuts during shaves and while you change blades.

Features a blade-chatter-free design

One of this adjustable razor’s most important features is the wide contact area that supports the blade between the cap and base plate. It ensures that the blade doesn’t vibrate during a shave.

This gives you the smoothest possible results. It also helps you avoid the cuts and nicks that come with blade chatter and rattle. So you can shave worry free with this helpful gadget.

Gives you a high-quality, hand-finished design

The Tatara Muramasa isn’t your typical razor. This is especially true in terms of its unique design. The company took care to create a razor that’s more than the sum of its parts.

Yes, the handle has a twisted dimple pattern, giving users an improved grip. Then, each of Muramasa’s 7 pieces is hand finished and sandblasted. This gives them a stylish, gunmetal look.

And the numbered piece on the razor’s dial gets its inspiration from the analog date window and has a dark PVD coating for a better view.

Comes in elegant, sustainable packaging

Most razors come packed in plastic boxes, and their additional razors are also encased in the same material. Not this adjustable razor. It arrives in a natural cork box covered by a linen-textured cardboard box.

In fact, cork is a 100% natural plant tissue and is the only wood you can use without cutting down a tree. It comes from the Alentejo region in Portugal.

Offers easy razor maintenance

Best of all, this adjustable razor is easy to own. A simple rinse after use is all that’s needed since there are no hinges, nooks, or crannies to collect gunk.

Once in a while, you can disable the razor using the included proprietary key for a more comprehensive clean.

Gives you a superior shaving experience

Get an amazing shave every day with the Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Razor. Its adjustable mechanism fits your skin and hair for your most customized shave ever.

Stop damaging your skin with disposable razors and wasting money on poor-quality cartridge razors. This adjustable razor takes your daily shave to the next level.

Elevate your shave and buy the Tatara Muramasa Adjustable Razor for about $379 on the official website. What do you love about this razor? Let us know!

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