UTSoftwareDefinition of Software, Functions, and Examples Page all
UTSoftwareDefinition of Software, Functions, and Examples Page all

Definition of Software, Functions, and Examples Page all

KOMPAS.com Software or computer software is a set of instructions, data, or programs used to operate a computer and carry out certain tasks.

Software refers to a program that is contained in a computer and can only be seen, so that the software cannot be felt physically like hardware.

To find out more about softwarefollows KompasTekno has summarized the meaning, function and examples software.

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Reported from TechTarget, software is a set of instructions, data, or programs used to operate a computer and perform certain tasks. Term software refers to the applications, scripts, and programs running on the device.

When first released, software only written for certain computers only. in 1980, software went on sale form floppy disks. Then it developed into the form of CDs and DVDs.

Currently, almost all software can be purchased and downloaded directly via the internet. The software can be found on the vendor’s website or the application service provider’s website.

This software works by providing directions and data needed by the computer, so that software can do its job and meet the needs of users.
There are two main categories softwarethat is software application and software system.

Software application is software that fulfills a specific or performs a task. Software applications, running with the computer OS and supporting system software programs to work.

Temporary software systems are designed to run computer hardware and provide a platform to run applications on it. Different from software application, the user cannot interact directly with software system.

This is because software the system runs in the background to handle basic computer functions. System software, runs when the computer system is turned on and continues to run as long as the system is active.

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Function software

If term software refers to a set of instructions, data, or programs that exist in a computer, meaning functions software are as follows.

  • Provide important computer functions, such as the availability of operating systems and computer support systems to operate
  • Manage each hardware on the computer so they can work simultaneously.
  • Identify the programs that are on the computer
  • As a liaison between several software with hardware that’s on the computer
  • As a translator into machine language in order hardware can understand the commands sent by the user

Examples software

In a computer, there are various kinds software installed on the device. Some of the most common and widely used by users are as follows.

Application software

how to set paper format in Word balljacks how to set paper format in Word

Application software performs specific functions for users and for some other applications.

Example software apps like office suitesgraphics software, databases and management programs databases, web browsers, Microsoft Office Worddevelopment tools softwareimage editor programs, and various communication platforms.

System software

Firmware Redline Group Firmware

System software is designed to run application programs and computer hardware. Software This type provides coordination of activities as well as functions hardware and software.

Besides that, software system control operation hardware computers and provide an environment or platform for all types software to work.

An example of system software is an operating system that works to manage all computer programs. Another example software system like firmwarecomputer language translators, and system utilities.

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Device drivers

Headphones illustrationHarris Farooq Headphones illustration

This type of software works to control the devices and peripherals connected to the computer. Examples of device drivers that are widely used by technology users are USB, keyboards, headphones, and printers.

Programming software

Microsoft VisualBasic Wikipedia Microsoft VisualBasic

This type of software is software that is used to write code. Using this software, users can develop, write and debug other software programs.

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Examples of programming software such as assembler, compiler, debugger, interpreter, Java, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

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