TechnologyTechnology NewsAdvancing Shared Decision-Making in Precision Medicine
TechnologyTechnology NewsAdvancing Shared Decision-Making in Precision Medicine
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Advancing Shared Decision-Making in Precision Medicine

Published: Jun. 2, 2023 at 11:30 AM CDT|Updated: 10 hours ago

CHICAGO, June 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — AESOP Technology, in collaboration with AstraZeneca Taiwan, has unveiled Medigator, an innovative AI software designed to manage immune-related adverse events (irAEs) and enhance the effectiveness of immunotherapy. With cancer being the second leading cause of death and immunotherapy offering improved survival rates, Medigator is specially designed to address the potential challenges associated with irAEs that may deter some patients from choosing this treatment.

The American Cancer Society estimates that of the 2 million new cancer cases in the US in 2023, about half could be eligible for immunotherapy treatment. While this treatment stimulates the patient’s immune system to fight cancer, it can potentially trigger an overactive immune response, leading to irAEs.

Managing irAEs is challenging due to the unique immune responses and variability in the reaction to immunotherapy. The intensified immune response that fights cancer cells can inadvertently harm normal tissues. Effective communication is crucial to educate patients about possible side effects, readiness for assistance, and timely medical intervention. Mild irAEs can often be managed symptomatically with topical treatments, while severe cases may require discontinuing immunotherapy and administering immune-suppressing medications.

To address the complexities of managing irAEs, Medigator offers real-time assistance to physicians. This tool manages the risk of irAEs and is seamlessly integrated into the Computerized Physician Order Entry system.

“By harnessing the power of big data analytics, Medigator analyzes real-world patient experiences with irAEs, physicians’ management strategies, and patient responses to treatment based on a dataset of 197,921 claim-based prescriptions. Using these analytical parameters, Medigator goes a step further by predicting the risk levels of different irAEs in individual patients.It provides personalized medication options by considering factors such as patient age, gender, race, chronic medical conditions, and genetic history, empowering physicians to enhance their risk management strategies in the care plan ,” explained Jim LongCEO of AESOP Technology.

“Medigator is an immunotherapy medication navigator designed for physicians. It aims to minimize interruptions in immunotherapy, preserve valuable treatment time and resources, and alleviate the treatment burden,” said Jim Long.

“The origin of the partnership between AESOP Technology and AstraZeneca Taiwan traces back to 2019 at an international biomedical accelerator co-hosted by AstraZeneca A.Catalyst Network and the National Biotechnology Research Park in Taiwan, which is dedicated to exploring new possibilities to change patients’ lives. Medigator has set a promising example demonstrating patient-centric innovation by advancing shared decision-making in precision medicine,” said Ben ChenMedical Director, AstraZeneca Taiwan.

The research findings of the Medigator, which were recently presented at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology, received notable attention. AESOP Technology continues its unwavering commitment to delivering physicians with precise and personalized solutions for iAEs as immunotherapy advances. Its ultimate goal is to enhance immunotherapy treatment outcomes and improve patients’ overall quality of life.

About AESOP Technology
AESOP Technology, a startup company in the medical informatics industry, harnesses advanced artificial intelligence to enhance the clinical decision-making process, improve medical coding quality, and prioritize patient safety. Through flexible and precise solutions, AESOP optimizes the process of physician data entry, boosts efficiency and accuracy, and significantly reduces the risk of errors.

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