5 gadgets I’m using to help me run the London Marathon

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of preparing for your first ever marathon. If pressed, I’d label it equal parts fear, nausea, uncertainty and concern that my last will and testament is up to date.

One part I’m not concerned about, however, is the tech. Running 26.2 miles requires the right gear and my marathon kit will still be firing on all cylinders long after my legs and lungs have decided they’ve had enough.

Most of my running happens in easy-to-digest four-mile jogs around nearby parks so I’m just fine with a simple fitness tracker like the Fitbit Charge 5 and a pair of worn-out old running shoes. But the TCS London Marathon is a whole different story and I need to upgrade some of my equipment accordingly.

London Marathon 2022 ballot

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Even if you’re not planning on lacing up for a marathon run yourself, you may decide having some of the items below in your locker could make the difference between an enjoyable race and a painful experience.

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