TechnologyTechnology News10 must-have AI tools to accelerate your business success
TechnologyTechnology News10 must-have AI tools to accelerate your business success
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10 must-have AI tools to accelerate your business success

There has been an overload of AI tools, ever since the launch of OpenAI’s sensational chatbot ChatGPT. While ChatGPT may have dominated the debates around AI’s functional use cases, it is evidently just a fraction of the best AI technologies out there. Each week hundreds of new tools make it to the spectrum.

With the rapid development of AI technologies, businesses today have multiple ways to optimize their offerings. Be it enhancing productivity, drafting a sales pitch, or simply generating ad campaigns and creatives, there is an AI tool for every need. While some are nifty tools to track and increase productivity, some are best used to amplify one’s creativity.

Here’s a look at some of the latest AI tools that are creating a buzz on the Internet right now.


This is a cool tool to automate your data collection with no-code. The tool lets users collect data from the Internet without the hassle of scraping. Users simply need to enter the URL of the site and select the items that they wish to extract. According to the company, its AI scrapers use advanced algorithms for accurate data collection. It customizes data collection preferences and saves loads of time.

Marketing Copilot

Consistency is key for any business to ensure that it reaches its target audience at the right time. And, to make sure that the messaging is clear and consistent, businesses need to have an effective content plan in place. Twitter is one of the most popular platforms for consumers to find products and services. Marketing Copilot lets users describe their content style and it generates a list of 60 personalized tweets. All a user needs to do is describe their topics and Twitter style of conversation. The AI ​​tools also let users save their content plan.

Glass AI

Glass AI is a tool that is likely to create waves in the healthcare industry. According to the makers, Glass AI is a product that is currently intended for a clinical audience and not a search tool for the public. Users simply need to enter a diagnostic problem and the tool will create an elaborate clinical plan for the condition within a matter of seconds.


This tool essentially enables users to create their own web-based augmented reality experiences without the need to know how to code. The platform lets users create features such as virtual try-ons, AR games, and face filters. On its official website, Vossle is also offering plugins for WordPress and Magento.


From text to videos, everyone seems to be getting on the AI ​​bandwagon. If you’ve been looking for an efficient tool that can help you create AI music videos, Decoherence can be the ideal option. The tool offers ‘easy, fast, and intuitive’ means to create videos. Users can also experiment with audio-reactive effects offered by the platforms. Users simply need to pick from various AI styles, choose audio-reactive effects, select starting images, and use prompts to create videos of their choice.


Competitor analysis and research are vital for any business to grow. Consensus is an AI-powered search tool that almost instantly extracts findings from scientific research papers. The search page lets users ask questions and it later throws up conclusions that are based on aggregate findings from research papers. The portal offers scientific results, and quick analysis and does not have any ads so far.

Casper AI

This is yet another super-efficient tool that lets users simplify their workflow by offering summaries of articles, creating content, and sharing insights with stakeholders. It comes as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. According to the makers, Casper AI uses the newest models from the GPT series by OpenAI. Once installed, users simply need to click on the Casper icon while they are on the article page. The extension will offer a summary and further, they can also ask the AI ​​tool to summarize the article in a way that five-year-olds can also understand.


It is essentially an app builder that is powered by AI. Users simply need to enter a description of the app that they would like to generate and it will write the code for it. The makers claim that the tool will create a fully responsive interface based on the user’s description and will also provide hassle-free customizations via its no-code editor. The tool allows users to add features by enlisting the functions that they wish to see in the app, and the tool will deploy them.


Audio recordings have made life easier. But, what about poor-quality audio that is barely audible? AI-coustics is an AI tool that will automatically clean up audio and offer fully optimized audio. The company claims that it uses AI speech enhancement technology that is backed by advanced algorithms which help improve the clarity and quality of spoken words.

Stock Image. AI

This is a fun AI image-generation tool that lets users experiment with their creativity. It lets users generate high-quality images that can be edited almost instantly. Book covers, stock images, posters, and wallpaper, the tool offers boundless possibilities. Users can generate images via text prompts and later edit them to their own preferences.